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Orkla House Care comprises Jordan, Anza, Hamilton, Spekter, SAM and Harris – six leading brands, offering painting tools and accessories to both DIYers and professional painters alike. The Nordic region, Benelux and United Kingdom are the home markets, however the products can be found in a number of other countries as well.

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Orkla House Care is 100% owned by Orkla ASA. Orkla House Care is a leading provider of brushes, rollers and other painting tools. Including relevant consumables such as sanding, tape, protection gear and cleaning equipment. The main markets are the Nordic countries, Benelux and the UK. The main proprietary brands are Jordan, Harris, Anza, Spekter, SAM and Hamilton.

Sales are mainly through traditional paint shops and trade merchants. The business has around 750 employees and the total business has a turnover of approximately 1,5 billion Norwegian kroner. Most of the products are self-produced and distributed through Bankeryd in Sweden, and Bromsgrove in the UK. The head office is at Skøyen in Oslo.

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Orkla House Care has facilities and offices in several locations around the world.