Why Choose Orkla House Care?

Working at Orkla should feel like coming home. It is the place where you want to develop yourself, your team, and your skills, to become the best version of yourself.


With us, you can be yourself. We want our employees to find development opportunities, good colleagues, exciting challenges and good teams.

There is inexhaustible knowledge to be gained about our brands, the markets we operate in, and our entire value chain. Here you can learn new ways of thinking and take your new experiences with you to work. This is how we hope you can make a difference, both for Orkla and for the world.

The best way to achieve this is by being yourself. Together, we can create a positive culture across all the places we operate in. In this way, we can deliver exactly the quality that our customers expect.

Professional and personal development

By working together, we learn and develop, both as a company and as a team. We want Orkla to be “a home to grow” on many levels. We provide engaging and challenging tasks, and place great emphasis on internal recruitment. This way, both managers and employees can gather experience from various operations across the group.

We believe that the most effective learning happens while on the job. Our organizational culture actively promotes employees to push their own boundaries and those of their colleagues. To promote learning, we are keen on knowledge sharing, a good feedback culture, competence development, and leadership development. In addition, we have several internal academies and courses. Through internal training, you gradually receive greater challenges in the workplace with professional guidance. You are also encouraged to find your own solutions to challenges at work.

Leadership development

Our leaders play a pivotal role as both key figures and carriers of our organizational culture. Through coaching and engaging leadership, based on trust between leaders and employees, we create success and sustainable growth. Developing talent through coaching is a core aspect of leadership responsibility. Our leaders are evaluated based on their capacity to cultivate and nurture talent. 

We see leadership as a profession in its own right, and as skills based on experience, knowledge and attitudes. Our leadership development strategy is our tool for developing and strengthening the leaders and the culture within Orkla. Whether the leader role is new to you, or you have years of experience,  we believe in continuous professional development throughout your career. We work with various forms of development, encompassing leadership programs, mentoring, scholarships, the expansion or specialization of job tasks, and notably, learning within a stimulating and exciting everyday life. 

Work globally - locally

We are a global company that is rooted in local culture, and we are growing and changing all the time. This means we have production sites, people, and well-known brands all over the world. While we take pride in our global presence, we hold deep appreciation for our local contributions. Those of us at Orkla possess substantial and unique knowledge that we value greatly. 

This allows us to tailor our work to local preferences and it means that we can share knowledge across functions and national borders. By being commercially curious, we are exposed to the entire global value chain, and the impact of our brands on consumers and customers.

Our six leading brands -Anza, Jordan, Spekter, Harris, Hamilton & SAM –  make us the business we are. We are proud to have been in the homes and hearts of millions of consumers for generations. By working according to our strengths and ambitions, we develop in harmony with a changing society. Through our brands, we also have an opportunity to do good things for our employees, consumers and customers. We all have a responsibility to contribute to Orkla’s continued success.