Our culture & values

We want to create a culture where business areas and companies cooperate and work well together. We want to build strong teams based on mutual respect. We are companies that care.

Our products are part of millions of people’s decoration journeys, and make painting easier, faster and more ergonomic. Our products mean something to different people in different situations, but they all have one thing in common: our users choose our products again and again, because they like and trust our brands, and because they trust us.

In the same way, we want people to trust that we are an employer that gives our employees the opportunity to grow – we want all our employees to be proud to be part of Orkla.

Equality and diversity

Diversity is necessary and important to ensure innovation and value creation. As a major international player in the labor market, we have a great social responsibility, and we want to lead the development to ensure equality and diversity at all levels of the organization.

Our core values

  • Trustworthy
  • Brave
  • Inspiring

The values guide our actions and our decisions and reflect the standard expected of an Orkla employee.

To be trustworthy entails having an unbreakable commitment to honesty, transparency, and reliability. We keep what we promise, and we take responsibility – towards consumers, customers, owners and society. Responsible people deliver. They are professional, knowledgeable and inspire confidence. We think and work long-term, and we tackle the problems that arise in the meantime. We combine high energy with great endurance.

Being brave means being innovative and ambitious, and we must deliver world-class products. It is this value that drives us forward, helps us to dare and to take the necessary risks. Brave people set high goals and love to win. They dare to speak up if something is wrong. Courage is necessary to carry out difficult conversations and make tough decisions.

Inspiration creates energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Inspired people have a passionate will to succeed and they are constantly creating something new. We inspire our consumers, customers, partners, and each other.