Our brands

Orkla House Care is one of Europe’s largest producers of painting tools and comprises Jordan, Anza, Hamilton, Spekter, SAM and Harris – six leading brands, offering painting tools and accessories to both DIYers and professional painters alike. Read more about each brand below.

Jordan is a renowned market leader in Norway within both painting tools and cleaning equipment. The brand has a long standing tradition of delivering innovative products known for their high quality and user friendliness.

Market leader Anza, based in Sweden, develops reliable painting tools for DIYers. The driving force has stayed the same all the way since it started in 1946 – to make it easier to paint. That’s why Anza works to help DIYers succeed with their painting projects, for example by providing advice and guidance both in store and digitally.

Established in 1928, Harris is a leading manufacturer of decorating products based in the UK. Renowned for superior quality and top performance, Harris offers a comprehensive range of brushes, rollers and DIY tools for interior and exterior use; designed to help get the best results, faster.

Hamilton has a history spanning 270 years, and has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise about the painting and decorating industry.

From the beginning, they have worked tirelessly to produce decorating tools that professionals and trades alike are proud to use. Offering clearly tiered ranges that allow the user to choose the right tool for the right job.

Jordan Håndverk

Jordan Håndverk is the leading supplier of painting tools for professionals in Norway. With the brand’s rich history from 1837 behind us, we develop painting tools for pro painters in collaboration with pro painters themselves.

Early mornings, aching bodies, pride and perfect finish. Anza Pro is built on a deep understanding of the professional painter and the challenges they face. We’re here to empower them to excel and achieve their goals. By collaborating and studying pro painters, we manage to provide innovative and high-quality painting tools that fits their needs and requirements – one brushstroke at a time.


SAM is a well-known decorating brand established in Belgium that aims to help DIYers as much as possible with it’s advice, tips and, last but not least, a wide range of quality painting tools.

With 100 years of experience in production of painting tools for professionals, Spekter knows the challenges and what it takes for the painter to succeed. Spekter is proud to be part of the painting profession and full of admiration for what the painters can accomplish with their skills. They deserve a partner who respects their work and professionalism, and whose search for better solutions never ends. Spekter is committed to being this partner worthy of the pro.

Anza Industrial and Coatings is an assortment of painting tools tailor-made for industrial and coatings applications. The range have been developed with leading producers of industrial coatings and thoroughly tested to ensure that the products can deliver on Anza I&C promise: “get it right the first time”.

Imagine over 90 years of Harris renowned quality & expertise pumped into a range of paint brushes, rollers, tools & accessories specifically designed for the trade – your trade. We have everything the trade needs for a top quality job…fast!


For almost a decade, R7 has been the painting tool brand in the Benelux that helps casual DIYers turning their houses into homes. With their range of high-quality hybrid tools, R7 aims to create a simple painting and decorating world where it is easy for everyone to achieve beautiful decorating results.