Sustainability Strategy

We want to empower decorating heroes by helping more people succeed with their decoration projects, while being a front runner in the transition to a more sustainable painting tools industry.

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy towards the year 2025, that encompasses all areas of our company. It is based on four key pillars: Packaging, Production, Products and People. Watch our former Sustainability Manger Nora describe each pillar in the video or read more about each pillar below.


As a part of our sustainability strategy, we want to reduce our environmental footprint with sustainable packaging solutions. To achieve this, we follow the core principles of the “remove-reduce-reuse-recycle” approach:


We start by evaluating what we can remove of unessential packaging layers and materials.


We then consider what packaging elements we can reduce, for example by making it smaller or thinner.


We also look for opportunities to reuse materials, such as the possibility to reuse supplier’s carton boxes in other parts of our supply chain.


We also want to be able to recycle as much of the packaging as possible by using renewable materials.


To make our production of painting tools more sustainable we have set up an ambitious goal – to cut our CO₂-emissions by 40%. To achieve this goal, we look at all aspects of our supply chain to find out where we can switch to more energy efficient, or renewable, options. We also want to make sure that all of our suppliers share our focus on sustainability, quality, and ethics. We therefore only work with suppliers who sign our code of conduct. We also put significant efforts into cutting waste at our own factories, expecting our suppliers to do the same.


All of Orkla House Care’s products should be considered both safe and sustainable. Therefore, we strive to remove all materials that can potentially be harmful in production or in use, and we are continually working on new and improved product innovations.

We want our products to include less material complexity, so that they are recyclable. Our plastic components should be made with recycled or renewable material, and all wood should be FSC® certified (FSC-C108031). We will also strive to educate consumers as to how they can dispose of our products in a way that is least damaging to the planet.


Orkla House Care wants to be a responsible employer, taking great care of our people and culture. Therefore, we follow Orkla’s strict human rights assessment which ensures we deliver on important goals such as workplace safety, labour rights and diversity. We also wish to develop our company culture around sustainability values and ensure that everyone in the organization understands our sustainability strategy. We further set up distinct sustainability goals for each department.